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Why you need to HARD WIRE your internet NOW!!!!

Updated: Jan 2

Since wireless tech has flooded the market there have been alarming increases in mental and physical disease. The best things you can do for your health is to remove all wireless devices. I'm not talking about going back to the stone age though. Remember it was only a few years ago we had to plug in our devices for internet access.

You will hear that these Wireless technologies are safe and only have a heating effect, when they are bold face lying. The Naval Medical Research Institute MF12.54.015-004B, Report No. 2, revised - Glaser, Z.R.  1972.  Bibliography of reported biological phenomena (‘effects’) and clinical manifestations attributed to microwave and radio-frequency radiation. - showing extreme biological effects of radio and microwave radiation. Exposures used were much lower than anything we are exposed to today - (0.1 microW/cm2) to the highest (5,000 microW/cm2 for occupational exposure). We are now exposed to 100,000,000 microW/cm2 LEGALLY.

Building biology established an exposure limit for under 10 microwatts to protect health.

The Naval Medical Research Institute documented over 2000 studies before 1971.

The specific biological and health effects, provided in Glaser 1972, are listed below:

A. Heating of Organs* (Applications: Diathermy, Electrosurgery, Electrocoagulation, Electrodesiccation, Electrotomy) This includes heating of the whole body or part of the body like the skin, bone and bone marrow, lens of the eye with cataracts and damage to the cornea; genitalia causing tubular degeneration of testicles; brains and sinuses; metal implants causing burns near hip pins etc. These effects are reversible except for damage to the eye. B. Changes in Physiologic Function This includes contraction of striated muscles; altered diameter of blood vessels (increased vascular elasticity), dilation; changes in oxidative processes in tissues and organs; liver enlargement; altered sensitivity to drugs; decreased spermatogenesis leading to decreased fertility and to sterility; altered sex ratio of births in favor of girls; altered menstrual activity; altered fetal development; decreased lactation in nursing mothers; reduction in diuresis resulting in sodium excretion via urine output; altered renal function; changes in conditioned reflexes; decreased electrical resistance of skin; changes in the structure of skin receptors; altered rate of blood flow; altered biocurrents in cerebral cortex in animals; changes in the rate of clearance of tagged ions from tissues; reversible structural changes in the cerebral cortex and diencephalon; changes in electrocardiographs; altered sensitivity to light, sound, and olfactory stimuli; functional and pathological changes in the eyes; myocardial necrosis; hemorrhage in lungs, liver, gut and brain and generalized degeneration of body tissue at fatal levels of radiation; loss of anatomical parts; death; dehydration; altered rate of tissue calcification. C. Central Nervous System Effects This includes headaches; insomnia; restlessness (daytime and during sleep); changes in brain wave activity (EEG); cranial nerve disorders; pyramidal tract lesions; disorders of conditioned reflexes; vagomimetic and sympathomimetic action of the heart; seizure and convulsions. D. Autonomic Nervous System Effects Altered heart rhythm; fatigue, structural alterations in synapses of the vagus nerve; stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system leading to Bradycardia and inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system. E. Peripheral Nervous System Effects Effects on locomotor nerves. F. Psychological Disorders Symptoms include neurasthenia (general bad feeling); depression; impotence; anxiety; lack of concentration; hypochondria; dizziness; hallucinations; sleepiness or insomnia; irritability; decreased appetite; loss of memory; scalp sensations; fatigue; chest pain, tremors. G. Behavioural Changes in Animals Studies Effects include changes in reflexive, operant, avoidance and discrimination behaviours. H. Blood Disorders Effects include changes in blood and bone marrow; increased phagocytic and bactericidal functions; increased rate of hemolysis (shorter lifespan of cells); increased blood sedimentation rate; decreased erythrocytes; increased blood glucose concentrations; altered blood histamine content; changes in lipids and cholesterol; changes in Gamma Globulin and total protein concentration; changes in number of eosinophils; decrease in albumin/globulin ratio; altered hemopoiesis (rate of blood corpuscles formation); leukopenia (increased number of white blood cells and leukocytosis; reticulocytosis (increase in immature red blood cells). I. Vascular Disorders This includes thrombosis and hypertension. J. Enzyme and Other Biochemical Changes (in vitro) Changes in the activity of cholinesterase (also in vivo); phosphatase; transaminase; amylase, carboxydismutase; denaturation of proteins; inactivation of fungi, viruses, and bacteria; killed tissue cultures; alterated rate of cell division; increased concentration of RNA in lymphocytes and decreased concentration of RNA in brain, liver and spleen; changes in pyruvic acid, lactic acid and creatinine excretions; changes in concentration of glycogen in liver (hyperglycemia); altered concentrationsof 17-ketosteroids in urine. K. Metabolic Disorders Effects include glycosuria (sugar in urne); increase in urinary phenols; altered processing of metabolic enzymes; altered carbohydrate metabolism. L. Gastro-Intestinal Disorders Effects include anorexia; epigastric pan; constipation; altered secretion of stomach digestive juices. M. Endocrine Gland Changes Effects include altered functioning of pituitary gland, thyroid gland (hyper-thyroidism and enlarged thyroid, increased uptake of radioactive iodine), and adrenal cortex; decreased corticosteroids in blood; decreased glucocorticoidal activity; hypogonadism (with decreased production of testosterone). N. Histological Changes Changes in tubular epithelium of testicles and gross changes. O. Genetic and Chromosomal Changes Effects include chromosomal aberrations (shortening, pseudochiasm, diploid structures, amitotic divisions, bridging, “stickiness”; irregularities in chromosomal envelope); mutations; mongolism; somatic alterations (not involving nucleus or chromosomes); neoplastic diseases (tumors). P. Pearl Chain Effect This refers to intracellular orientation of subcellular particles and orientation of cellular and other (non-biologic particles, i.e. mini magnetics) affecting orientation of animals, birds, and fish in electromagnetic fields. Q. Miscellaneous Effects These include sparking between dental fillings; metallic taste in mouth; changes in optical activity of colloidal solutions; treatment for syphilis, poliomyelitis, skin diseases; loss and brittleness of hair; sensations of buzzing, vibrations, pulsations, and tickling about head and ears; copious perspiration, salivation, and protrusion of tongue; changes in the operation of implanted cardiac pacemakers; changes in circadian rhythms.

Take Autism for instance - below is a graph from Autism Speaks that I added cell technology generation launch dates.

Notice that each time a new generation, 2g, 3g, 4g, is released the Autism rate doubles. This technology is catastrophic not only to our health but for our children and pets too.

Brain Cancer rates in temporal lobe increases with technology release also.

The above diseases also double in frequency with each release of technology.

Time to get HARD WIRED!

How do you hard wire your devices?

1. Find your service provider and lookup the compatible wifi free modem list before you order a modem. If you don't see your provider you can contact them directly.

2. Order a Compatible WIFI Free Modem like - (Comcast modem)

3. Next you will need a WIFI free router that will give each device its own IP address so you can have multiple devises using the same service - - 4 slots for connecting devises.

4. Once you have the modems call your provider, they will need the model and serial numbers off the devises to activate them on their systems.

5. Ethernet adapters for your different devises - I only have MAC products but these ones worked for us - - apple ethernet adapter - ethernet adapter for computer - iphone ethernet adapter

6. Order shielded cat 7 ethernet cords in the lengths you need to reach your devises - - cat 7 ethernet

7. Order an ethernet grounding cord - this will prevent energy from the modem traveling up into your devise. Install the ground kit with the short cord to the router, then the longer one to your devise. - you will need one for each devise plugged into the router

That's it. You will have high speed internet with no lags and LIMIT your exposures to dangerous Radio and Microwave Radiation. Remember to turn all Bluetooth and WIFI setting off on your devices and keep them off your BODY!!!!

For more in depth learning visit - - EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses - Effects of electromagnetic field emitted by cellular phones on the EEG during a memory task - Mobile phone effects on children's event-related oscillatory EEG during an auditory memory task - Cell Phone Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals; $25 Million NTP Study Finds Brain Tumors - Alterations in human EEG activity caused by extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields - Effects of pulsed and continuous wave 902 MHz mobile phone exposure on brain oscillatory activity during cognitive processing

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