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Vaccine Education

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Vaccine Ingredients

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YOUTUBE has removed most documentaries that can be added as a channel on the site.  Here are hyperlinks in other platforms.

1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic – Silent Epidemic (Vaccination Truths Discovered & Explained By Working Profs Not Tied To Big-Pharma) (


3. Shots In The Dark – Shots in the Dark [Vaccine Documentary] (

4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth –

5. Vaccine Nation – Vaccine Nation [Documentary] (

6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines – Exposing the Truth about Vaccines (


8. Bought –

9. Deadly Immunity – Deadly Immunity - by Robert F Kennedy Jnr. (

10. Autism – Made in the USA – Autism - Made in the USA (

11. Beyond Treason – Beyond Treason (Military Vaccines Documentary) (


13. Why We Don’t Vaccinate – We don't vaccinate (

14. Autism Yesterday –

15. Denmark Documentary on HPV Vaccine – Vaccinated Girls – Sick and Portrayed –

16. Vaxxed – Vaxxed - Documentary (

17. Man Made Epidemic –

18. 50 Cents A Dose –

19. Direct Orders –

20. Dtap – Vaccine Roulette

21. Truthstream News: About All Those Vaccines – Truthstream News: About All Those Vaccines (2014) (

22. Hear The Silence –

23. Cervical Cancer Vaccine – Is It Safe? – How Merck Lies to Sell Gardasil | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at The Truth About Cancer LIVE 2019 (

24. Vaccines Revealed – VACCINES REVEALED 1 (

25. The Truth About Vaccines –

26. Vaccine Syndrome –

27. Injecting Aluminum –

28. Manufactured Crisis: HPV, Hype & Horror – Manufactured Crisis - HPV, Hype & Horror (Documentary, 2017). (

29. Sacrificial Virgins – Sacrificial Virgins - HPV Vaccine - Protection Or Profit (2017) [Documentary] (

30. Vaxxed II –

31. Shots In The Dark 2020 – A Shot in the Dark - 2020 Documentary.VOSTFR (

32. 1986 : The Act – "1986: The Act" (1986: The Act, Vaccine-Documentary, 2020). (

33. The Pathological Optimist –

34. A great short video from Children’s Health Defense – click here to view – ‘Vaccine Secrets’: What Parents Should Know Before They Vaccinate Their Kids

35.  Episode 1: My Very Own Shot In The Dark (Gardasil and HPV) by Candace Owens - Episode1(

36.  Episode 2: “Just A Vitamin” K Shot by Candace Owens | A Shot In The Dark Series - Episode 2(

La Mafia Médica [ Dra. Ghislaine Lanctot ]

La Mafia Médica [ Dra. Ghislaine Lanctot ]

(Abril 2009) "La Mafia Médica" es el título del libro que le costó a la doctora Ghislaine Lanctot su expulsión del colegio de médicos y la retirada de su licencia para ejercer medicina. Era que no, si se trata de una contundente denuncia sobre la relación a nivel mundial entre el complejo formado por el Sistema Sanitario y la industria farmacéutica. El libro expone, por una parte, la errónea concepción de la salud y la enfermedad que tiene la sociedad occidental moderna, fomentada por esta mafia médica que ha monopolizado la salud pública creando el más lucrativo de los negocios. Además de tratar sobre la verdadera naturaleza de las enfermedades, explica cómo las grandes empresas farmacéuticas controlan no sólo la investigación sino también la docencia médica, y cómo se ha creado un Sistema Sanitario basado en la enfermedad en lugar de en la salud, que cronifica enfermedades y mantiene a los ciudadanos ignorantes y dependientes de él. El libro es pura artillería pesada contra todos los miedos y mentiras que destrozan nuestra salud y nuestra capacidad de autorregulación natural, volviéndonos manipulables y completamente dependientes del sistema. A continuación, una estupenda entrevista a la autora que realizó Laura Jimeno Muñoz para Discovery Salud:
Health, vaccinations and junk science

Health, vaccinations and junk science

SOURCES: 0:01 -- "Reversing the Irreversible" (YouTube) 1:48 -- 2:13 -- 2:57 - 3:06 -- "Thimerosal and the Occurrence of Autism: Negative Ecological Evidence From Danish Population-Based Data" -- A. Plesner et al., Paediatrics 2003 3:20 - 4:17 -- ibid. 6:10 -- "Nancy Banks on Vaccines" (YouTube) 6:27 - "Gary Null at the antivaccine rally" (YouTube) 6:34 - 18 WETM "Vaccinated by force NOW AUTISTIC" (YouTube) 6:40 - "Cover Up ! Investigate Mercury - Vaccine - Autism - ADHD - Governments Poisoning Children !!" (YouTube) 7:31 - "A Population-based study of measle, mumps and rubella vaccination and autism" -- Madsen et al., The New England Journal of Medicine, Nov 2002 7:33 - "MMR vaccination and pervasive developmental disorders: a case-control study" -- Smeeth et al., Sep 2004 7:37 -- "Vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella in children (Review)" - Demicheli et al., The Cochrane Collaboration 2008 7:40 -- "The Prevalence of Autism" -- Eric Fombonne (American Medical Association editorial, 2003) 8:05 - "The teratology of autism" - Arndt et al., International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 2005 9:32 - 9:51 -- "Mumps and the UK epidemic 2005" -- Gupta et al., British Medical Journal, May 2005 10:00 -- Rubella decline 10:10 - 10:28 - "Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children" -- Wakefield et al, The Lancet 1998 11:18 - WETM "Vaccinated by force NOW AUTISTIC" (YouTube) 12:02 -- "US Scientists back autism link to MMR" -- The Telegraph, 26 May 2006 12:10 -- 13:48 - 13:57 -
Sir Francis Galton - Father of Eugenics

Sir Francis Galton - Father of Eugenics

Sir Francis Galton - Father of Eugenics, cousin of Darwin decided to experiment on twins just as Nazi Joseph Mengele experimented on three thousand sets of twins at Auschwitz-Birkenau. We can safely say that Joseph Mengele was just following and continuing the work of his fellow brother and father of Eugenics - Sir Francis Galton. It is interesting to note that Sir Francis Galton was a Freemason. Here's the proof: Francis Galton was initiated into Freemasonry on February 5, 1844, into the Scientific Lodge No. 105 of the Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, held at the Red Lion Hotel, Cambridge, and on March 12, 1845, he was registered on the books of the Grand Lodge, London. "Darwin's grandfather Erasmus Darwin himself was initiated at the St David's Lodge No 36, Edinburgh in 1754 at a time when Edinburgh was a center for enlightenment and medical knowledge. He was also a member of the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No 2." Charles Darwin obviously embellished grandfather Erasmus Darwin's book 'Zoonomia' when he wrote his infamous book of eugenics: "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life." As we can see the Darwins where busy at work, first in the Masonic lodge laying the foundations for the 'theory of evolution' That's a fact! It is also possible that Charles Darwin was a freemason, as suggested by the freemasons themselves! As requested, here is T.H. Huxley confirming that he is a freemason in his own writings!!!
dpt documentary


Thanks to Joey Lambardi, the Man responsible for leaking this video. He was set up on charges and imprisoned. Please research this topic. In Lombardi's own words... "I was on this assignment that seemed really bizarre. It just didn't make any sense, you know? I was told that I was to document a war hero's return home from Iraq. That was it -- simple right? But the normal chain of command was altered. In this case, the first time in six years, I was to report to a CIA named agent Fleming as well as Army Col. Harris who from what I gather was a big wig intel guy at the pentagon. So, that was weird, especially for such a boring sounding assignment. It got weirder when I was mailed a package that contained a DVD and a stack of documents. There were a lot of things blacked out, but it was all stuff related to FunVax. The package was address to me, it was sent to the house where I where I was, you know, videotaping, the family that I was documenting. There were two videos actually. One looked like a homemade amateur video that was of a party in a common area, like a lunch room or something. There's a cake that says "FunVax is a Go" on it and there was a sign that said Congratulations FunVax. But that was all the funvax related information. It was just a normal party, the people were talking about normal things. The second video was a lot more informative. It was DoD footage from a lecture hall in the pentagon. The video was date stamped 4/13/05 so someone was holding onto this for awhile. I received it, the second week of February of this year. So, on it, it had one of the guys from the other video, the party video, giving a presentation. I just have an 8 minute clip from this presentation, but basically, this guy, he must be a scientist. This guy is giving a lecture about the brain and a gene called VMAT2 to a group of men in suits as well as various military uniforms. He talks about religion and was showing MRI brain scans. He said that the inhibition of VMAT2 could, over time, cause a persons brain to shift from a religious brain structure, they scientifically, you know they call it phenotype...but basically, you can change a religious brain to a non-religious brain structure. VMAT2 is apparently the scientific name for what people term the God Gene. At the end of the clip he says that he filed a proposal under the name FunVax to begin experimenting with the VMAT2 gene with the goal of creating a virus, like the flu virus, that will remove or replace this gene from people in the Middle East. Their goal of course was to create peace in the Middle East. " - Epidemiologic and Molecular Relationship Between Vaccine Manufacture and Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence -   Childhood cancer, intramuscular vitamin K, and pethidine given during labour - The impact of parental postpartum pertussis vaccination on infection in infants: A population-based study of cocooning in Western Australia - Chickenpox outbreak in a highly vaccinated school population - Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time - Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism? - The Blood-Brain Barrier: Bottleneck in Brain Drug Development - The use of fetal bovine serum: ethical or scientific problem? - Increased risk of noninfluenza respiratory virus infections associated with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine. - Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism - Toxicity of nano gamma alumina to neural stem cells

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