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What is all the hype about Blue Light?

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

One of the biggest assaults against us in the modern world is artificial lighting. All modern lighting can have a biological effect, some worse then others. LED, Fluorescent, and CLF bulbs are found to have a color spectrum that is blue. Most installations have a very high Kelvin (color scale) for example - a bulb with 6500K tells our body that it is noon all day. They can also flicker which I will cover in another post.

Natural light from the sun has a spectrum of colors where the blue is always balanced with red. Before indoor lighting candles or fire was the only source of lighting at night. The progression of the disease processes have skyrocketed with artificial lighting. There have been many books written over the last 30 years warning of the negative health effects, yet industry pushes forward and has any oversight blocked.