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Two children watching tv


The worst thing about watching TV (and there are hundreds of bad things) is that the TV provides an artificially elevated level of excitement and energy that can't be matched in real life situations.......unless you constantly self sabotage and create constant chaos in your own life. When the subconscious mind is exposed to TV...... the fast action sequences, the hot love scenes and the perpetual crisis registers in the mind's memory center as what life is supposed to be like. Then the person moves from the couch or the cinema and into their real life where everything is slower, not as faced paced and it's pretty mediocre in terms of excitement comparison.

This can lead the subconscious mind to direct the owner of the body to seek out perpetual chaos, in order to recreate what it now believes is a perfectly "normal life". If a movie comes out where the actors are fully tattooed, tattoo parlors experience a massive increase in business. When the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds" was released (a movie about stealing cars), car theft went up astronomically. When the movie "Fast and The Furious" came out....and sales of modified street cars went through the roof. When "The Cosby Show" came out, African American enrollment in medical and law school went up 19%.....and many psychology experts deem this, "The Cosby Effect". (on The Cosby Show, the Dad was a medical doctor and the wife a lawyer, both African American)

The point is simple. There are people in power who already know you do this. They don't tell you any of this information purposely. You're easier to rule when you're a trash fire and when you watch trash fire media, you become a walking and talking disaster. Period. End of story. All my self sabotage material revolves around the research that proves humans mimic what they see, while always believing that they're making their decisions independently......when they're not. No easier slave to control than one being controlled without their knowledge. If you want to be healthy, wealthy and need to realize that the TV is your enemy and it was always designed to be. TV is designed to make you think you're thinking....when you're not doing anything of the sort.

TV viewing has been documented to ..........
be a major cause of depression
be a decrease in academic achievement
inhibit speech development
cause a decrease reading comprehension
increase probability of developing ADHD
cause a decrease in creativity and Imagination
causes vision problems
makes you less likely to exercise
develop or worsen emotional problems including ptsd
make you eat more
make you crave sugary foods
causes obesity
increase children chances of becoming an alcoholic later in life
make you less in love with their partner
make women feel less deserving of being loved
make families spend less time together
increase divorce rates, negative moods, copycat suicides
lower self esteem and confidence
increase desire for cosmetic surgery
reduce athletic performance
Increase the risk of Alzheimer's with increased screen time from 20-60 years old - Dr freedman  - passive semi-conscious state - the mind is not active
stress the body
cause sleep deprivation

stunt brain development
decrease life span
increase murder rate by double

weaken the frontal lobe activating the limbic system - less moral, less ethical, less self control
cause intensity addiction

1980 - households that had cable tv first had increased risk of autism

Everywhere we go we are surrounded by screens.
Have we entered a techno utopia or a virtual prison?

The Harmful Effects Of Watching Television It Kills Your Intuition


what TV really does to you

Kid says he wants to be a murderer because of a tv show he watched!

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