Most people today are Vitamin D deficient.  Taking it in pill form can have negative long term effects.  Getting your Vitamin D from the sun is the healthiest way. 

The benefits of sun exposure are:

Improves EKG

Lowers blood pressure

Lowers resting heart rate

Lowers cholesterol

Lowers blood sugar

Increases cardiac output

Increases energy, endurance & strength

Increases melatonin

Increases body’s resistance to infections

Increases oxygen carrying capacity of the blood

Increases sex hormones

Increases skin's resistance to infections

Increased tolerance to stress

Building your solar callus is an important step in using the sun for healing.  Set aside 6 weeks to work on building your solar callus by:
-  Seeing the sunrise every morning, naked (no chemicals/lotions/makeup etc) skin and eyes (no contacts or glasses).
- Using an app like Dminder to track when to go in the sun to produce vitamin D - some locations in winter you will not be able to get any vitamin d production from the sun, best to build your levels up in summer.  Your levels will stay higher eliminating your nnEMF and blue light exposures.
- Going into the sun without sunscreen during the window where DMinder shows you can produce vitamin d
- If you turn red, go in the shade or inside, then go back outside at sunset
- taking vitamin c every hour of sun exposure can help prevent burns


Additional ways of improving Vitamin D using light -

Using a Sperti Vitamin D light can help supplement
Taking a trip south in the winter to a latitude below 27 for a few weeks will help boost your vitamin d -

UV light increases venous O2 = mitochondrial function -

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