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AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System with Exclusive 4 - Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology (No Plumbing or Installation Required) | BPA Free

Magnetico Sleep Pads - specifically engineered to deliver a pure negative (-) magnetic field when you are a minimum of 4″ away from the pad. This magnetic field, produced by permanent magnets, is a safe and natural energy source, nothing electronic so you avoid dirty electricity and electric fields.  Magnetico sleep pads contain significantly more and larger magnets than any other brand of magnetic pad and its patented design ensures that you receive the benefits of a negative magnetic field while protecting you from unhealthy exposure to the related positive field.. 

"At Magnetico, we have complete confidence in the effectiveness of our product. When you purchase your Magnetico Sleep Pad you will receive a Six-Month Satisfaction Guarantee. You must use the pad for a minimum of four (4) months. If you are not satisfied with the results obtained during the six (6) month period, you may return your Sleep Pad for a refund. Authorization to return the pad must be obtained before the expiration of the six month period.'

Not for use with any  implanted electrical device, such as a pacemaker, pain pump, insulin pump or defibrillator use.

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The World's best Blue light filter and Eye protection Software

BluBlox - Daytime blue light blocking technology blocks 100% of artificial blue light from 400nm – 450nm, the frequency known to contribute to depression.

The signature Sleep+ red lens is the world's most advanced blue and green light blocker. Blocking 100% of blue and green light from 400-550nm, our Sleep+ lens is the optimal blue blocker for after dark. 

I recommend avoiding the metal frames!!

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