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All modern medical intervention can cause trauma to mother and baby. Here's your typical sneak attack on the children, fertility, natural gender and health. First and foremost, ultrasounds aren't sounds........they're X-rays. Ultrasounds aren't sounds. They damage the child. I will discuss this openly with citations from author Jeance Barcelo proving this as fact. Then there's the gel, which is also toxic. Then there's the false positives (from a fake test) when testing for down syndrome, in order to scare parents into aborting perfectly healthy children.  Listed are the most concerning -

Hospital Birthing position - narrows the pelvis, decreases oxygen to baby, forces baby against gravity

Vacuum & Forceps - violently force delivery, brain damage, neck and spine damage

C-section - most often caused by pitocin administration, birth position and other interventions that stress the baby

Immediate Cord Clamping - stealing 25-60% of the babies blood, vital nutrients, and 1/3 of their stem cells.  Delayed clamping increases iron naturally to support growth and development.  Delayed clamping especially in preterm babies has been studied and shown to benefit them by - "

  • Higher circulating blood volume for 24–48 hours

  • Fewer blood transfusions

  • Better systemic blood pressure

  • Reduced need for inotropic support

  • Increased blood flow in the superior venacava

  • Increased left ventricular output

  • Higher cerebral oxygenation index

  • Lower frequency of any intracranial hemorrhage"

Circumcision - newborn is strapped down, no numbing administer and then the most sensitive part of the body is mutilated.  MRI before, during and after show permanent brain damage

Vaccine - poison and proven to be inherently unsafe by the Supreme Court

Rhogam - RH negative mothers in the US are given this shot during pregnancy.  Other countries issue after the baby is born, blood typed then if RH positive given if consented to.   There have been 4 primary sources of mercury exposure to pregnant women: The RHO(D) (Rhogam) shot, the flu shot, dental fillings, and fish. Rhogam is also made from human plasma and may carry a risk of transmitting infectious agents, e.g., viruses, and theoretically the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) agent and contains polysorbate 80

Vitamin K - Black box warning product - causing jaundice, anaphylaxis and SIDS

Ultrasounds - Used to open the blood brain barrier in brain cancer treatment, does that sound like a procedure without risks to a developing fetus? 

Dr. Alice Stewart, a UK epidemiologist, learned that there were increased leukemias among children who had been exposed to ultrasound in the womb.

Researchers discovered evidence that boys who've been exposed to ultrasound in late pregnancy have a greater amount of left-handedness than those who had no ultrasound exposure, suggesting that ultrasound has a definite effect on the brain.

Human studies had found sensitive organs damaged at 1 minute exposure.

Early fetal brain is highly susceptible to induction of neurobehavioral changes by ultrasound exposure and speech delays

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, also implicated ultrasound in neurodevelopmental problems in children, such as dyslexia, epilepsy, mental retardation and schizophrenia, and showed that damage to brain cells increased with longer exposures

The 1982 WHO report, in its summary "Effects of Ultrasound on Biological Systems," stated that "…animal studies suggest that neurological, behavioral, developmental, immunological, haematological changes and reduced fetal weight can result from exposure to ultrasound

Increased risk of premature labor when ultrasound scans were used

Ultrasound Gel - this widely used endocrine disrupter may be harming your unborn baby

NNEMF - What is striking is that what we used to call  microwave sickness (group of symptoms associated with radar workers) has been called neuroasthenia (feeling unwell) and is now called electrohypersensitivity.  In all cases the symptoms are associated with exposure to radio frequency radiation initially radar; then RF heat sealers and computers; and more recently various sources of wireless technology including mobile phone, broadcast, and WiFi or WiMax antennas, wireless routers, smart meters, etc.  With each new technology release Autism doubles. 


Dr. Robert Mendelsohn on Pregnancy and the Dangers of Ultrasound
Now You Know Health

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn on Pregnancy and the Dangers of Ultrasound

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn Video Series - "Moments with Mendelsohn" with presentation by Esther Thaler. This video covers the dangers of ultrasound and the exposure to the developing fetus. Browse below for over 20 recent articles exposing these dangers and how they will affect the health and well-being of your child. I apologize for the reflection on Dr. Mendelsohn's glasses. This was a run through and we didnt get to do a final cut. Rest in peace, Doctor. I am grateful to share the relevance. Recent Article References - Full Reference Information Below Study Shows Potential Dangers of Ultrasound in Fetal Development FDA Cautions Against Ultrasound "Keepsake" Images Ultrasound Can Affect Brain Development Ultrasound and the Alarming Increase in Autism Fetuses can hear ultrasound examinations Keeping Fetus Cool Through Pregnancy Prenatal exposure to ultrasound waves impacts neuronal migration in mice Stephens Routine Doppler & Ultrasound in Pregnancy Ultrasound Affects Development of Murine Brains Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities:A Guide to the Medical Literature Effects of frequent Ultrasound During pregnancy: A Randomized Controlled Trial Controlled study of prenatal Ultrasound exposure in Children with Delayed Speech Impact of prenatal ultrasound screening on perinatal outcome Ultrasound: Weighing the Facts - Midwifery Today Ultrasound: More Harm Than Good? FOR FULL REFERENCING ON THESE ARTICLES - EMAIL ME AT:
SMART METERS & EMF RADIATION ➜ The Health Crisis Of Our Time!
Ascended Vitality

SMART METERS & EMF RADIATION ➜ The Health Crisis Of Our Time!

★ If You Care About Your Health You Must Watch this insightful interview with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD from the spectacular and pivotal documentary film "Take Back Your Power" about Smart Meters + EMF Radiation. Debuting in 2013 ➜ "Take Back Your Power" is a Community-Funded, Public Awareness Documentary Feature Film which Exposes the Technocratic "Smart" Grid Agenda, by which corporations are currently attempting to quietly assert the basis for further control in the lives and homes of the world's citizens. The film will also focus on specific solutions -- which are presently available -- for humanity to leapfrog outdated ideas of control, and co-create a better future. This undemocratic global smart metering program is emerging as a truly massive issue with many areas of focus, such as greatly increased utility bills, decimation of privacy rights, an array of health problems from radiation, hacking vulnerability, corporate fraud, democracy vs. corporatocracy, uninsured fires/damage... and how the entire story fits in with the big picture on our planet. With this crisis comes tremendous opportunity. Human beings everywhere come together, and we take back our power. Based upon our research, you are not legally required to have a smart meter in any region, contrary to what certain agencies may be telling you. ★ PLEASE DONATE ➜ THIS FILM NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT TO COMPLETE! This pivotal film is currently in post production and needs your financial help to complete. You donation is essential and greatly appreciated! Go to website to donate ➜ ★ Content of this Interview... Intro & Background Modern illness: causes & types Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) fields Scientific research findings Solutions for reducing EMF exposure Solutions for autistic patients Findings linking autism and EMF exposure Solutions for reducing EMF exposure Smart meters: overview Smart meters: observed health symptoms Smart meters: lab results Smart meters: solutions Smart meters: observed health symptoms EMF: Largest cause of health problems today Preventing a smart meter install Strategy to overcome electro-sensitivity ★ Dr Klinghardt's Bio... Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD, is Founder of the Klinghardt Academy (USA), the American Academy of Neural Therapy, Medical Director of the Institute of Neurobiology, and lead clinician at the Sophia Health Institute, located in Woodinville, Washington. He is also Founder and Chairman of the Institute for Neurobiology (Germany) and (Switzerland). Klinghardt Academy (USA) provides teachings to the English speaking world on biological interventions and Autonomic Response Testing assessment techniques. Warm Wishes & Gratitude!
Jeanice Barcelo | The Dark Agenda Behind The Hospital Birth Protocols

Jeanice Barcelo | The Dark Agenda Behind The Hospital Birth Protocols

Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats as he talks about birth trauma, prenatal care, the dangers of ultrasounds and Pitocin with guest, Jeanice Barcelo. Many of us are all too familiar with the cold, clinical process of childbirth, where pregnant mothers and their fetus' are subjected to endless tests, injections, and ultrasounds, all in the name of modern medicine. And while these method of madness may be hailed within the scientific community, it is obvious our prenatal care and birthing process have mutated into an industry orchestrated to prey of the fear of new parents. This cycle has evolved throughout the last century, from a natural, love-filled process, to one that is designed to deliberately genetically alter both mother and child, through psychological torture beginning from the moment of incarnation and resulting in both cascade of interventions during birth and lifelong effects on fertility. Fortunately, today's guest, Jeanice Barcelo, joins The Higherside to shed some light on one of the darkest undercurrents of the conspirasea. As an author of books like, "Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine", Barcelo offers incredible insight into the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of each step in our prenatal care and the birthing process. Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week's included: - cutting the cord, causing weak births, and raising some scary occult implications for giving away your baby's blood - how much of the pain of childbirth is unavoidable vs how much is situational - more on the creator and the spiritual implications - the sexualization of children - the dark ritual of circumcision, and the blood sucking by mouth tradition that still goes on today - the vaccine and eye ointment components - episiotomy -the modern practice of making live from the eggs of dead women and the sperm of dead men A few valuable resources from the interview: Jeanice Barcelo "The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound": Jeanice Barcelo "What Happens In The Womb And During Early Years Affects The Baby For A Lifetime"': Jeanice Barcelo "Vitamin K Shot After Birth Linked To Early Childhood Leukemia": Jeanice Barcelo "Autism Rates In The U.S. Continue To Skykrocket- 1 in 68 Children Now Have Autism": "Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring During Labor": Jeanice Barcelo "Induction With Cytotec/ Misoprostol Is Killing Women And Babies": Jeanice Barcelo "Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality": "Birth As We Know It": Books by Susun Weed: Want more Jeanice Barcelo? Check out her website "Birth of A New Earth": Check out her Youtube channels: Or grab her book "Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine" on Amazon: Want to hear more THC? Become a plus member and gain access to the additional hour as well as the THC forums at: If you want to stay connected to The Higherside Chats, join us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Reddit: Review us on iTunes: And be sure to check out The Higherside Clothing: - Prenatal exposure to ultrasound waves impacts neuronal migration in mice - Unexpected Side Effects of Ultrasound Gel - Case-control study of prenatal ultrasonography exposure in children with delayed speech.  - Questions about Prenatal Ultrasound and the Alarming Increase in Autism - Keeping Cool Through Pregnancy - OPTIMAL TIMING FOR CLAMPING THE UMBILICAL CORD AFTER BIRTH - Dangers of Rhogam in Pregnancy - Rhogam and Pregnancy Stealth Mercury Assault -

Autism and Mercury, Testimony Presented By Stephanie Cave, M.D.
Before the Committee on Government Reform U.S. House of Representatives - Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offspring in Canada

- Circumcision Permanently Alters the Brain - Birth Trauma, and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine:  Exposing the Systematic Violence During Hospital Birth - Giant study links C-sections with chronic disorders - Mode of Delivery Shapes Gut Colonization Pattern and Modulates Regulatory Immunity in Mice - High risks for babies of obese mothers despite C-sections - Cesarean section and chronic immune disorders

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