All modern medical intervention can cause trauma to mother and baby.  Listed are the most concerning -

Hospital Birthing position - narrows the pelvis, decreases oxygen to baby, forces baby against gravity

Vacuum & Forceps - violently force delivery, brain damage, neck and spine damage

C-section - most often caused by pitocin administration, birth position and other interventions that stress the baby

Immediate Cord Clamping - stealing 25-60% of the babies blood, vital nutrients, and 1/3 of their stem cells.  Delayed clamping increases iron naturally to support growth and development.  Delayed clamping especially in preterm babies has been studied and shown to benefit them by - "

  • Higher circulating blood volume for 24–48 hours

  • Fewer blood transfusions

  • Better systemic blood pressure

  • Reduced need for inotropic support

  • Increased blood flow in the superior venacava

  • Increased left ventricular output

  • Higher cerebral oxygenation index

  • Lower frequency of any intracranial hemorrhage" - OPTIMAL TIMING FOR CLAMPING THE UMBILICAL CORD AFTER BIRTH

Circumcision - newborn is strapped down, no numbing administer and then the most sensitive part of the body is mutilated.  MRI before, during and after show permanent brain damage

Vaccine - poison and proven to be inherently unsafe by the Supreme Court

Rhogam - RH negative mothers in the US are given this shot during pregnancy.  Other countries issue after the baby is born, blood typed then if RH positive given if consented to.   There have been 4 primary sources of mercury exposure to pregnant women: The RHO(D) (Rhogam) shot, the flu shot, dental fillings, and fish. Rhogam is also made from human plasma and may carry a risk of transmitting infectious agents, e.g., viruses, and theoretically the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) agent and contains polysorbate 80

Vitamin K - Black box warning product - causing jaundice, anaphylaxis and SIDS - Dangers of Rhogam in Pregnancy - Rhogam and Pregnancy Stealth Mercury Assault -

Autism and Mercury, Testimony Presented By Stephanie Cave, M.D.
Before the Committee on Government Reform U.S. House of Representatives - Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offspring in Canada

- Circumcision Permanently Alters the Brain - Birth Trauma, and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine:  Exposing the Systematic Violence During Hospital Birth - Giant study links C-sections with chronic disorders - Mode of Delivery Shapes Gut Colonization Pattern and Modulates Regulatory Immunity in Mice - High risks for babies of obese mothers despite C-sections - Cesarean section and chronic immune disorders

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