What is nnEMF?

It can be confusing when you hear the terms nnEMF, RFR, ELF, EMF, EMR - ElectroMagnetic Radiation, Electrosmog, Electro-pollution.


I like to use the term nnEMF implying any man made frequencies including -

Radiofrequency Radiation

Microwave Radiation

Magnetic Fields

Electric Fields

Dirty Electric

Health problems associated with nnEMF exposure

abnormal heart rhythms






cardiac arrest


difficulty regulating blood sugar


ear bleeding

ear, eye, or heart pain


enlarged thyroid

eye problems


flu-like symptoms


high blood pressure

higher than normal rates of birth defects

immune system deficiencies



joint pain

loss of energy

memory and concentration problems


muscle weakness


nerve pain

night sweats






skin reactions

sleep abnormalities

spontaneous abortions


suicidal thoughts

swollen lymph nodes



urinary urgency



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