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I have worked with Allie in varying degrees for 4 years now. She has always been professional, remarkably compassionate, responsive and thorough in her evaluation and support. She is highly skilled, diverse in her healing modalities and offers extensive insights and tools for every need. There is nothing but praise and gratitude to offer for her strength, wisdom, skill and authority. She is an exceptionally valuable partner in any recovery journey.

Carl M. Mexico

Allie is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. Every time I've been around her I've learned something. I recently attended her whole brain class. It was a weekend of healing and learning. Something she said that really touched me was, she wanted to teach us so we didn't have to rely on her. She provides us with the tools so we can help ourselves and loved ones. That being said she is always there to help with anything that comes up. She is such a selfless, generous person always helping others, always sharing her healing knowledge. Thank you Allie for all you've done for me and my family.

Jennifer P Boise ID

I am profoundly grateful for Dr Allie as she has been a key instrument and a wealth of knowledge for my husband and I. She is an on-going researcher, preaches what she teaches and has incredible resources to help anyone on their health journey.

Her holistic and natural approach addresses the root cause of illness and has been our go-to when we have questions and concerns.


Recently she facilitated a Whole Brain session with me and I was blown away with her ability to access and help rewire thought patterns that no longer served me.

Thank you Dr. Allie for sharing your talents and being so passionate to help others.

-Dr. Jessica (holisticdoctormama) Boise, ID

"I give my highest recommendation for Allie Johnson for any type of health issues you want to address because she is extremely passionate about helping people heal both physically and emotionally.  Not only does she have substantial knowledge in many natural (ancient and advanced) treatment modalities and is always researching and training to advance her skills, she is also patient and comforting while you are in her care.  At the end of our session, I always feel great and can't wait to see or talk to her again!"
"As a side note, as I got to know Allie and her family better, I found a strong independent person who is not afraid to speak out against convention especially when they are wrong and loves taking on complex challenges.  And if you ever get the chance to meet her family, you will find the most healthiest beautiful children ever, which is clear evidence of Allie's great work.  She is truly a gift from Mother Nature."

Joe F. - Los Angeles

When I started working with Allie I was 30 years old and had chronic, widespread pain, severe acne, white splotches all over my body, zero energy, and felt very little joy or hope. I had recently been prescribed a narcotic pain reliever by my physician, who simply did not know how else to help me. Allie and I worked to build my body back up through nutritious foods, got me off all of my prescription medications (including several dangerous narcotic pain and arthritis medications), and slowly reduced my toxic load.

One by one my symptoms started to go away. Allie gave me incredible support throughout my healing process and continues to guide me toward better health for both me and my family.

I am now 32, free from pain and prescription medications, have an amazing complexion all over my body, married to the love of my life, and pregnant with my first child (on our first try!). I have more energy than I know what to do with and lead an extremely joyful life. Working with Allie didn’t just change my life, it saved my life.

Lisa V. - Boise, ID

After almost 6 months of our 4 year old son waking up every night between 3 and 3:30 am and unable to go back to sleep. Dr. Johnson and her knowledge on NNEMF changed our family's life. Dr. Johnson not only came to our house to test each room but educated us extensively on what the exposures do to our bodies. That night, after following the suggestions of Dr. Litterer, our son was back to 11 hours of sleep! His mood improved, health improved, and we have our lives back! We are forever changed and grateful!

Dr. Breann Fox, PT, DPT, PRPC - Boise, ID


I have known Allie Johnson for over 25 years and watched as her passion to have a healthy family evolved. Allie has helped me and my family with her understanding of natural medicine along with many others. I believe to have true depth of understanding you have to be passionate for a cause and that is where Allie shines, the true reason for her treatment of patients is to help them heal without side effects or unnecessary medication.


Barry C. - Eagle River, AK

Allie is a wonderful asset to anyone who is blessed to meet her. She has helped my family and I countless times throughout the years. She is kind, compassionate, empathetic, and a friend for life. I call her my “walking bible” because I know she always has the answer! On the off chance that she doesn’t have the answer, she doesn’t rest until she has done thorough research to find a solution. She is passionate about her work, which makes her one of the absolute best.

Julie G. - Wasilla, AK

Allie’s knowledge of all things related to healing the body is extensive. She has the uncanny ability to get to the root of a person’s health challenges quickly, even in the case the person has suffered for a decade or more and has already seen numerous specialists related to their condition. Time and again I have seen her help people who couldn’t find relief from various conditions with their doctors and mainstream medical protocols, who begin to experience shifts in healing in a very short period of time under Allie’s consulting and guidance. Allie explains healing modalities clearly so that her clients truly understand the reasons behind the steps they are taking towards their own healing, and exactly how and why the modalities she presents impact the body the way that they do. She helped me regain stability during a particularly traumatic health crisis and mapped out a protocol for me to follow which helped me stay out of a level 10 zone of discomfort. I haven’t experienced anything like it since following the plan she mapped out for me and I really don’t know where I would be without her help— it has been a Godsend to me!

Stephanie M. - Boise, ID

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