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Mind Control

In mind control there's something called "priming". It's a mind control tactic where you first have to understand that the subconscious mind records everything it views. The subconscious stores those recordings, always looking for patterns inside the memories.....and it does this analysis at lightening speed, 24 hours per day and never "dumps" any of the old memories. If a set of circumstances, symbols or emotions etc can be matched in the memory library, it registers as something that's "acceptable" inside the society.
The more times the subconscious views the same message, symbol, emotion etc....the more likely the subconscious accepts what it views or feels as something safe to mirror, emulate or mimic inside the society. Priming can make people feel comfortable with things they should never feel comfortable with, by tricking the subconscious into remembering that it has already been viewed before, so it must be something "normal" inside the environment. Priming can make our natural defenses stand down by tricking the subconscious into believing that there's nothing really to worry about, because it's happened before. Also remember that the subconscious mind can't tell the difference between reality and what's on a screen.

This episode from the series "Dead Zone" is from 2003 and it's got enough mind control "priming" in it to make the strongest disbeliever pay attention. A show from 17 years ago.



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Mind Control On The Average Person

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Learn how your government is making everyone afraid of an invisible boogeyman that has never existed....with the documentaries below.