What is nnEMF and why should I pay attention?

Updated: Mar 23

It can be confusing when you hear the terms nnEMF, RFR, ELF, EMF, EMR or ElectroMagnetic Radiation, Electrosmog, Electro-pollution.

I like to use the term nnEMF (non native electromagnetic frequencies) implying any man made frequencies including -

Radiofrequency Radiation

Microwave Radiation

Magnetic Fields

Electric Fields

Dirty Electric

These types of pollution are not visible to the naked eye, yet is generated everyday by wireless devises and electric grid. I use the Architecture of Radio app to give patients a visual of the assaults they cannot see. It is shocking to see the number of satellites, wifi and cell towers pulses we are exposed to.

Radio Waves Visualized
Architecture of Radio Screenshot

(RFR) radiofrequency radiation is a class 2B possibly carcinogenic to humans, the same category as lead, and DDT. Leading Scientists and Medical Professionals agree that it should be reclassified as a Group 1 carcinogenic to humans I and agree wholeheartedly.

Industry does a good job conning everyone that 5g is just the next generation when it is really opening up the super high frequency range of radiation that is even more dangerous then previously allowed.

How do these exposures effect me?

We know the value of decreasing exposures to household chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides in order to prevent disease or to experience a full recovery from a current illness or imbalance. However, the least talked about yet most rapidly increasing toxic exposure in our environment comes as a side effect of our increased technological capabilities.

Non-native microwave radiation now surrounds us at levels never before in our history. The ever expanding use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Smart phones and appliances, pads, pods, cell phone towers and every kind of wireless technology is beginning to have an effect.

All living beings are electromagnetic beings, with delicate EMF signals regulating bodily systems. International independent research and reports predict new or worsened health problems likely for the public, their pets, animals, wildlife, and insects, including:

abnormal heart rhythms






cardiac arrest


difficulty regulating blood sugar