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KULEANA INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS PRIORY 1007 is a Registered-Recognized International Native Taino Indigenous Church of Hope Tribal Organization: KULEANA INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS PRIORY 1007 was established to provide our community with service, education, spiritual fellowship and healing. We are a special and sacred ministry of monastic medicine, sanctified healing, ecclesiastical medicine, holistic medicine, as well as indigenous medicines as part of our religious doctrine.

KULEANA INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS PRIORY 1007 is a Florida State un-incorporated Not-for-profit, 508(c)(1)(a) compliant FBO (Faith-Based Organizations)/ Church and Integrated Auxiliary of the Under the Protection of the Holy Catholic Church of the East in Brazil: a medical Diocese of special ministry of Nevis and Ecuador: Sacred Medical Order of the Church of Hope (SMOCH) under the Protectorate of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope (SMOKH).  As an ecumenical order, SMOCH welcomes membership, by all those who have faith in Christ.

KULEANA INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS PRIORY 1007  is a private membership association and free church – meaning, you must be a member to be receive services including but not limited to any advice. Memberships can be applied for online prior to your initial consultation in person, via phone, or via other forms of telecommunication


Rev. Dr. Allie LITTERER

Doctorate in Natural/Monastic Medicine

Doctorate in Indigenous Medicine

Master's of Herbology

Practitioner of Natural Medicine

Christian Science of Mind Practitioner

Sanctified Healer

RadioPath - In-Training

PSYCH-K© Facilitator

National Boriken

Member - Sacred Medical Order Church of Hope

Member - International Native Taino Indigenous Church of Hope

FFSS Freedom From Self Sabotage Certified Coach

Blue Cross Society & Blue Crescent Society - St.Kitts/Nevis Aid Worker

Indigenous Healer of ASMIN/Confederacy

I hit a wall; in 2009 I was diagnosed with Celiac, Hashimotos, Anaphylaxes in addition to the many other unknown syndromes. We had already been doing alternative care through our journey with our children for autism and allergies after years of knocking our heads against the wall with allopathic medicine. 

Even using all the tools at my disposal that recovered my children, I continued to deteriorate.  When I thought I was going to die, my last effort was to hop on a plane from Alaska to Kauai, Hawaii with my four children. The profound healing that came with changing our environment was immediate. I could eat an assortment of foods instead of living off allergy free shakes.  The tremors, tachycardia, exhaustion, mental fog, kidney failure and gut issues resolved.

It wasn't until we moved from Kauai back to the mainland that I discovered there was still a huge puzzle piece missing. During my travels, I fell and broke my back resulting in spinal trauma, nerve damage and loss of function from the waist down. The vegan diet I was thriving on in Kauai was working against me in a high non native EMF environment. One of the biggest challenges I faced as a newly diagnosed patient (again) was having a lot of questions, but no real support system or solutions for chronic and complex pain, even from the alternative health field. It was either surgery, drugs or nothing.

I picked nothing and found everything.

Stone Tower

It was this success against all odds that gave me the drive I needed to shift careers from Accounting to Holistic Health.  I completed Doctorates in Natural/Monastic and Indigenous Medicine focusing on environmental medicine. I saw this avenue as the perfect opportunity to apply my passion for empowering others to take control of their own health.

The main tools I discovered saved my life. These are now the tools I use to help thousands of people get back to vibrant health. The tools you will get access to as my client.

I am passionate about patient advocacy, education and informed consent. True healing comes with knowledge and getting back to nature. I believe the key to success is working with each individual and allowing them to work at a pace that is realistic. The major components I address are:

  • environment

  • stress

  • emotional

  • spiritual

  • movement

  • trauma

  • self sabotage

There are an abundance of stressors in our everyday lives; some obvious, some hidden. I work with my Patrons to identify triggers that are keeping them sick and develop a plan to help reduce stress and promote healing.

I look forward to empowering you on your healing journey.



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